Community Artist Of The Month   2023 - Farnell Newton

Community Artist Of The Month 2023 - Farnell Newton

Community Artist Of The Month Nov ‘23 - Farnell Newton

In the eight edition of our Community Artist of the Month series, we are excited to chat with American trumpeter and producer Farnell Newton.

With a touring history that includes names like Jill Scott, Bootsy Collins, Ron Isley, and more, Farnell boasts unparalleled experience in the music industry. In addition to his endeavors in sync licensing and his label, LofiJazzSoul Records, Farnell still manages to carve out time for collaborations and consistently releases incredible music.

We sat down to ask him about his career to date, why he chose to start a label and lots more. You can read the full interview on our website, but here's a short snippet to give you a taste of what to expect.


First of all, let’s take it all the way back to the beginning. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you first got started playing and making music?

This story is pretty amusing! Back in 7th grade in Miami, we had to choose an elective, and the options were Home Economics (Cooking Class) or Music. Since I didn't have a clue about cooking back then, I opted for music. Little did I know that this seemingly simple decision would end up shaping the trajectory of my career in music.

I was diving into your past interviews and bio, and I couldn't help but notice your collaborations with legendary artists like Jill Scott, Bootsy Collins, Ron Isley, and many others. What valuable lessons have you taken from working with these icons that you've applied to your own career?

Confidence in your talents and contributions, paired with humility and being a good person, can really take you places in the music industry. And, of course, putting in the time to do the work—because, let's face it, the work always has to get done.

Can we talk a little bit about your music making setup. What are you using to make your music?

I like to keep things simple with my setup—a Novation Launchkey 61, a Sterling Ribbon Mic, and I've been loyal to Logic Pro X since its launch ages ago. In addition to these, you'll often find me playing with my trumpet, flugelhorn, and a flugalbone, which is sort of like a marching trombone.

And when recording your trumpet/horns, do you have any favourite plugins that you use on pretty much everything?

I'm a big fan of XLN Audio RC-20—they've always got my back. In addition to that, my go-to tools include Waves, Aberrant DSP SketchCassette, Ample Bass Upright, and a bunch of Spitfire VSTs. These are the secret ingredients that bring my sound to life.

Likewise, is there a piece of gear that you just couldn’t live without?

When it comes to my horns, I've always been a fan of keeping things simple. I prefer doing everything in the box, keeping my space streamlined without a lot of hardware clutter.

You recently released your track ‘Put it Together’ with saint Rumi and Erwin Do. Can you tell us a little bit about how that track came together?

I crossed paths with Saint Rumi through the Bread & Butter Chillhop Discord. We kicked off a collaboration, teaming up with producer L33m. Erwin Do and I had worked together earlier in the year on some projects, and I'm always excited about collaborating with him.

How do you tackle creative blocks and seek inspiration when feeling stuck when making music?

I usually take a short break to watch movies, shows, and listen to music that helps me reset. I'm into a lot of Soul, with artists like Musiq Soulchild, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Roy Hargrove, Donald Byrd, and more. It's my way of getting back in the groove.

Who are some of your favourite beatmakers/producers/musicians in the scene right now?

I've got a bunch of favourite producers, like Tall Black Guy, 14KT, Daniel Steele (aka DSTL), Jemarcus Bridges, and L33M. And when it comes to musicians, I'm vibing with Kiefer, Moonchild, Braxton Cook, Jonathan Pinson—always keeping my ears to the ground, discovering new music along the way.

You kicked off your own label, LofiJazzSoul back in 2019 and have dropped some seriously awesome tunes since then! Do mind sharing what inspired you to start the label and tell us a little bit about your plans for the future of the label?

I kicked off LofiJazzSoul as a hub for all my buddies and producer pals to share their music from the Pacific Northwest. It's this sweet spot blending lofi, jazz, and soul vibes, collaborating with talents like Dom Phenom, Charlie 3rown, BrandonLee Cierley, Gxldxn Finch, Infrared Krypto, The New and the Used, and many more. Planning to give it a fresh look in the early months of 2024!

Alongside making music you also work in music licensing. Knowing what you know about the music business from the licensing and sync side, has that changed the way you make music at all?

Working in Sync Licensing has really shifted my approach to creating music. It's a whole new game when I'm making music for TV/Film compared to crafting tunes for business branding, social media, and the like. What's awesome about Lofi is its versatility—it's popping up everywhere, from Dairy Queen and Maybelline to Sephora, not to mention automotive and sports placements.

And finally, if you could give one piece of advice to somebody getting into making music now, what would it be? it could be something someone has told you, or just something you’ve learned along the way.

For anyone starting in music now, embrace learning and experimentation. Don't fear mistakes; they often lead to unique discoveries. Be patient with your growth, enjoy developing your sound, and create music that truly resonates with you—it's your authenticity that shines in the final creation.

A big thanks to Farnell for giving us a glimpse into his world. You can find all of his music on Spotify, and be sure to follow him on Instagram.