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Free Plugins

Free Plugins

This page showcases a list of our favourite free plugins that we have featured in our bi-weekly newsletter (which you can sign up for here.)

1st May 2024

ProjectSAM - Free Orchestra 2 - Each month, a new instrument is added, sourced from ProjectSAM’s impressive catalog of strings, all recorded in a stunning concert hall setting.

VZtec - Malibu - A tremolo pedal, an emulation of the same pedal by Argentinian manufacturer Singletone.

Sample Science - Majestic Celesta - A digital rendition of the bell piano. A multi-sampled celesta ha includes effects such as distortion, delay, chorus, and reverb.

17th Apr 2024

UAD - Verve Analog Machines Essentials - An analog-style one knob saturation which will help to bring the classic warmth of analog saturation and diverse effects to your tracks.

Soundware - TIZE - A rompler with 220 factory presets that will provide you the highest quality sounds.

Soundware - VYBE - create half-speed effects, lofi effects, reverse, auto-pan, and trance gate instantly, without any setup.

Decent Samples & Venus Theory - Bitscape95 - a sampled instrument which is a treasure trove of lo-fi magic, meticulously crafted from the YakBak: a 90’s childhood staple.

3rd Apr 2024

Spetral Plugins - Spacer - a modular creative effects station.

Spetral Plugins - Pancz - a plugin equipped with a powerful multiband transient shaper, clipping tool, precise waveform analyzer and additional tone manipulation effects

Spetral Plugins - OCS-45 - plugin that simulates real life cassette tapes and adds a lo-fi, vintage feel to your sound.

Kilohearts - Shaper - A distortion plugin that enables you to freely draw the waveshaping curve, offering an infinite array of delicious distortion effects.

Zak Sounds - Atmospheres - A single-knob plugin crafted for sculpting dreamy and atmospheric textures.

20th Mar 2024

Phil Speiser - The Compressor - A dynamics compressor crafted for easy use while delivering professional sound with the power of AI.

Venus Theory - Drops // Musical Water - Described by Mr. Theory as “the result of a random sound driving my wife and I insane. It turned out to be a bowl sitting in our kitchen sink with a knife across the top, the sink dripping on the edge of the knife creating a little 'doo' sound that I absolutely had to sample."

NUsofting - Sosir Freeze-Delay - Not just a simple delay plugin, it’s helps you create bowed sounds from something plucked or struck. It features both a bow and a delay section, allowing you to truly shape the sound.

6th Mar 2024

Native Instruments - Audience Choir - Collaboration with Jacob Collier, the instrument allows you to conduct your own choir digitally by blending vowels captured from the crowds in 22 different cities. - Sunburnt - A reverb plugin that allows you to shape distinct reverberations using customisable/drawable curves.

Analog Obsession - Trax - A transient shaper simple in design but highly effective in action.

21st Feb 2024

Atomic Amps - Tonocracy - An amp simulator featuring special AI-powered tone capture guitar amp modelling and effects software, cutting edge amp simulation and a suite of rapidly growing world-class effects.

Neutone - Morpho - An AI plugin that transforms sounds using advanced AI technology, known as timbre transfer. Morpho has the ability to morph sounds into percussion, synths, choirs, creating some really interesting textures.

Triceratops - A Cardiovascular Experience - A heart attack of a distortion plugin.

7th Feb 2024

Sampleson - Wursy - bringing the classic Reed Electric Piano to life through synthesis, delivering a vibrant and expressive sound full of harmonics and octave variations.

Midilab - JC-303 - A bass synth that’s desingned to be an authentic clone of the Roland TB-303 Bass Line, a hardware bass synthesizer manufactured from 1981 to 1984.

Strezov Sampling - The Felt Seiler - A felt piano with an undeniable cinematic character.

24th Jan 2024

Chaos Audio - Starlight - a shimmer reverb described as producing “the wonder of staring up at the night sky,” it has the ability to include twinkling octaves on the reverb trail.

Witchpig - Gravity - a granular reverb that gives you some really creative delay and reverb effects. One of the best features of the plugin is the visual representation of the granular reverb trails.

Kiive Audio - XTMax - A drum compressor plugin based on the Distressor hardware compressor. Not a direct emulation of a specific compressor, Kiive analyzed various compressors and used those findings to create something original.

10th Jan 2024

The Crowhill Company - Vaults - A growing collection of free sounds in one plugin, brought to you by Christian Henson, formerly of Spitfire Audio.

Cradle Audio - State Machine BitFlip - a retro-gaming-inspired synth that offers a nice trip down memory lane and for the right project it can really help to bring that retro sound!

Echo Sound Works - Vinyl Guitar 2 - A sampled guitar plugin that was sampled through a vinyl record player to achieve the authentic character desired.

27th Dec 2023

UVI - Noctua - a cinematic soundscape synth created in collaboration with producer and Youtuber Venus Theory.

Baby Audio - Baby Slammer - the perfect compressor for 'squashing and smashing' drums, beats, or entire mix busses.

Rhodes - V-Pan - an emulation of the classic Rhodes vibrato stereo panning effect introduced on the suitcase piano in the 1970s.

Cymatics - Memory - a vintage chorus plugin which introduces subtle imperfections into audio, creating a familiar sense of nostalgia by employing an unpredictable combination of chorus and vibrato to transform your audio signal.

Retornz - Tonez - a versatile polyphonic synth packed with features. The synth includes four oscillators, each with up to eight voices of unison and 12 waveforms to choose from.

13th Dec 2023

Aberrant DSP - Lofi Oddity - a free toolkit for sonic destruction and experimentation. The plugin incorporates effects from SketchCassette, Digitalis and ShapeShifter.

Dixon Beats - DB1 - Synth plugin inspired by the legendary Casio SK-1 that was originally released in 1985 and featuring all 32 sounds from the original keyboard, alongside a host of new sounds.

Cherry Audio - Synthesizer Expander Module - An emulation of the classic 1974 Oberheim self‑contained mono synth module of the same name.

29th Nov 2023

Full Bucket Music - Oxid - a synth plugin that emulates the ARP Omni-2 string synth from the 1970s.

Bedroom Producers Blog - Dirty VHS - A lo-fi VHS and VCR emulation plugin that simulates the sound imperfections of old video cassette recorders and VHS tapes.

Shift Line - Astronaut Reverb - a reverb plugin based on the algorithms of the Astronaut pedal.

15th Nov 2023

Arturia - Analog Lab Play - a free version of Arturia’s popular Lab’s series. The plugin features a library of 100 incredible sounding synths, keys, basses and pads.

Izotope Ozone 11 EQ - a powerful mastering equalizer from iZotope that has helped shape countless hit records.

BPB - Cassette Drums - sample-based virtual drum machine features the iconic sounds of the Roland TR-808, TR-909, TR-606, and the MFB-522 Drum Computer.

1st Nov 2023

Denise Audio (Multiple plugins) - Slappy - slapback delay, Bad Tape - analog tape emulation and My Crush - Bit crusher. Our pick of the bunch is Bad Tape which creates extreme tape artefacts with controls like Harm, Hiss, Squeal, Wow and Flutter.

Slapassound - SFX1 - A sound FX plugin that contains 32 categories and 900 different sound FX samples. All of the sounds are mapped across your keyboard and there are pitch, filter, pan, reverb and adsr knobs so you can manipulate them as you please.

18th Oct 2023

Ohmforce - Frohmager - A classic low pass resonant filter with rich harmonics. Originally released in 2001, this new update brings this amazing filter into the modern day.

MonsterDAW - Monster Toys - a synth featuring 20 musical toy instruments including; Kalimba’s, Glockenspiel’s, Rubber Ducks and so much more.

BFD Player - a drum plugin boasting 5GB of acoustic drum sounds. If you’re looking for a free alternative to Addictive Drums, then look no further!

3rd Oct 2023

Socalabs - Wavetable - a versatile wavetable synth equipped with two oscillators that draw from a library of 100 wavetables.

Davisynth Audio - Spiral Delay - A step up from your ordinary ping-pong delay, it generates echoes that sweep back and forth at an adjustable pace, providing a ping-pong delay with a twist.

Viator DSP - Radiant Q - An emulation of a classic Pultec EQ, Radiant Q provides you with all the warmth, character, and vintage charm you would expect from an analog emulation.

20th Sept 2023

Audiolatry - RetroGrit Lite - A Lofi synth that offers 9 multi-sampled presets from the full version, providing the same functionality and features.

Toybox - Thump One - A synth designed with ease of use in mind, featuring a glitchy 'wavetable' engine and a collection of versatile multi-segment envelopes.

6th Sept 2023

Mntra - Mirage - a sampler instrument that combines Dhrupad vocals from Chintan Upadhyay and the resonance of a rare 1830 Church Bass.

Platone Studio - Flex Reverb - a graphic EQ featuring essential controls and unique filtering options. It simplifies the reverb process and lets you achieve a clean mix without the need for an external EQ. Plus, it features independent Dry and Wet controls for parallel use without additional setup.

Viator DSP - Rust - Helps you to faithfully recreates the nostalgic warmth of vintage vinyl noise, bringing back the imperfections and analog charm of music's golden era.

23rd Aug 2023 - Game Boi - A plugin that transports you straight into the nostalgia of classic gaming. With its unmistakable lo-fi textures reminiscent of 8-bit explorations, this plugin captures the essence of vintage gaming.

Ohm Force - a selection of plugins from Ohm Force, who have decided to give away all their legacy plugins for free. They include; a multiband distortion plugin, a filter bank, a frequency shifter, a phaser, a granular synthesizer, a comb filter and a delay plugin.

Salisbury - Tonebox - a powerful saturator and tone-shaping tool featuring a 3-band EQ and tilt control.

9th Aug 2023

Big Fish Audio - Momentum - A loop slicer and multi-effect plugin which allows you to slice, stretch, change the key, rearrange and compose from multiple samples and sources.

Kilohearts - Multiple Plugins - A collection of 32 FX plugins including everything from reverbs, to delays, bitcrushers, tape stops and so much more.

Analog Obsession - ReLife - A dynamic enhancer that simply gives a ‘second life’ to your tracks by adding colour, dynamics and loudness.

26th July 2023

Sampleson - Overheat (a saturation plugin that emulates the warm, harmonically rich sound of analog saturation)

Baby Audio - Multiple Plugins (a selection of free plugins that includes; Pitch Drift - pitch fluctuation, Magic Switch - chorus, Magic Dice - delay / reverb / modulation textures and Baby Comeback - delay.)

12th July 2023

Full Bucket - Bucket One - a plugin recreation of the classic 80’s Crumar BIT 01/99 synth. A versatile work horse that can be used for everything from bass to pads, to leads and everything in between.

Magenta - DDSP - a neural synthesizer which morphs audio into a range of different instruments. Unlike MIDI notes, DDSP preserves the nuances of pitch and dynamics for expressive neural synthesis.

KVR Developer Challenge - not just 1 plugin, but 21 freeware plugins from independent developers.

28th June 2023

SINEfactory - Orchestral Tools - virtual instrument player featuring meticulously recorded sounds including flutes, pianos, organs, horns and more!

Unison Audio - Zen Master - lo-fi multi-effect plugin featuring bit-crushing, reverb, tape-style pitch wobbling, detuning and noise blending.

Nembrini Audio - Big Stuff - emulation of the classic Electro-Harmonix fuzz/distortion/sustain pedal.

14th June 2023

Igorski - Homecorrupter - emulate old recording gear by mirroring its sample rate and bit depth.

TAL - Vocoder - a vintage-style vocoder with 11 bands, that produces the sound of vocoders from the early 80’s.

31st May 2023

Freakshow Industries - weird and wacky effects to spice up your music.

Zak Sound - Ibiskus - virtual instrument created from 5 rare wind instruments found at a local market.

Soundly - Place It - tool for emulating speaker sounds in various environments.

17th May 2023

Chair Audio - Excite Cymbal - ultra-realistic, physically modelled cymbal with trigger sensitivity.

Wavesfactory - Flash - transient shaper.

The Synth Factory - Azimuth - virtual analog and wavetable synthesizer.