The Unwind Project Sample Pack Vol. 1

The Unwind Project Sample Pack Vol. 1

The Unwind Project Sample Pack Vol. 1

Introducing the Unwind Project, a duo from Italy composed of Paolo and Patrick. Despite now living in different countries, the duo has consistently been releasing impressive tracks since their formation in 2021.

Having recently been featured on the Chillhop Essentials Fall compilation, we're very fortunate that the duo has decided to bless us with a full sample pack for free! It includes one-shots, chord progressions, drum loops and more.

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We also took the opportunity to ask the duo a few questions about how they put the pack together, their working relationship and so much more.

Tell us a little bit about the pack and how you created it?

Patrick: Right from the start, we aimed to create something unique. We began by crafting basic samples. For the drums, I used the Serum & Arturia Collection 9 plug-ins, and some samples consisted of several layers. Paolo, a pianist, wanted to record chord progressions.

Paolo: We sampled a variety of different sounds that we thought fit our style and the kind of music we were producing at that time. I especially worked on the more musical sounds/riffs with piano and synth stuff, while Pat was mainly focused on drums and percussion.

We know you guys are a duo, what are your individual strengths? And why do you think you work so well together?

Patrick: We come from two entirely different worlds, and in my opinion, this contrast is what makes the duo work. Paolo handles the melodic aspects, while I focus on drums, song structure, and FX.

Paolo: I think my individual strengths are the musicality, the ability to improvise and master my instrument (the piano), and my perfect pitch (I’m super lucky)! After a lot of music studies and experiments with electronic music, sound design, and soundtrack work for commercials and short movies, I can confidently say that I feel pretty confident in my musical abilities.

Which song or artist first inspired you to start making music?

Patrick: If you listen to our first single ‘Meadow Rain,’ you can definitely hear some inspiration from artists like FKJ and Darius. However, if we’re talking about when I started making music, I would mention Skrillex, FKJ, and KAYTRANADA.

Paolo: Johann Sebastian Bach And Queen.

Is there a particular plugin or piece of gear that you consider essential in your music production process?

Patrick: I’ve recently started creating my own chain, and for “essential” plug-ins, I would recommend FreeClip, Kilohearts Transient Shaper, and Ableton’s stock reverb.

Paolo: U-he Diva, Noire, my ears 😂, L2 Ultramaximizer, Eventide Space, townhouse buss compressor

If you could give one tip to somebody starting out making music now, what would it be?

Patrick: Have fun creating flips, remakes, and listening to tons of music. At some point, you will discover your unique sound.

Paolo: Listen, listen, listen to a variety of music genres, especially well-crafted music. Learn by listening and try to understand how your favourite artists develop their unique sound. Make it your own and always stay curious. Never stop learning, be open-minded, and never assume it's an easy path. Be patient and strive to be the best.

A huge thank you to the guys for the amazing sample pack and also for taking the time to chat with us. Make sure you go check out their music on Spotify and follow them on Instagram as well.